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Teaching Neural Networks using Excel and Scratch

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Excel Based

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Teaching Genetic Algorithms with Excel

In a previous post I discussed using Scratch and Excel to model neurones. This post looks at using Excel and six-sided dice as a way of developing insights into how  Genetic Algorithm work, before going on to program one. 

A very simplified version of Tournament Selection is used for the parent selection and the mutation works by rolling a die to get a number between 1-6.

The problem to be solved is to find the lowest values for x and y in the equation 


Using an Excel spreadsheet,  roll two dice six times. Fill in the first two columns with these numbers - these are X and Y values for each solution.The fitness scores should be calculated based on the equation. Low values for this problem are best.1st Parent: Roll two dice, if the numbers are same reroll one die to until the numbers are different. Use the two values to select the 1st parent, the solution with the lowest fitness of the two. Take the X part of the selected parent and it forms the X part of the…

Green Apple Award for helping teach children to code

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The University of Northampton has been praised for a competition it helped set up with the aim of improving the teaching of computer coding and school pupils’ technology skills. The Race to the Top contest, which challenged children across the county to design a digital game or mobile app based around saving energy, was awarded a Gold Green Apple Award by the Green Organisation. These are awarded for projects which are considered to be demonstrative of environmental best practice within the public sector. The winning teams were from Park Junior School in Wellingborough and Kettering Buccleuch Academy who came up with a game which challenges players to fix degrading solar panels on the school roof and an app which tracks household energy consumption. The competition was organised by the University of Northampton, in partnership with Northamptonshire C…