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alternatives to powerpoint?

Can you sit through another powerpoint presentation often with strange colour combinations? Some initial work has been going at the School of Science and Technology, University of Northampton on alternatives to powerpoint. Students were encouraged in certain assignments to consider alternatives to powerpoint.. 
The first was Tiddlywikis ( these largely self contained HTML files (they do often use a separate folder to store images) are releatively small but can be used to produce a web-based presentations.
 In two cases Machinima has been used one based around the Halo game and the other using a free package called MovieStorm (ShortFuze) in this case  a powerpoint presentation was embedded within it. Other students have gone down the route of using packages such as Microsoft's MovieMaker or PhotoStory to combine video or still images into a movie form.
Does this make the presentation better though? A personal view is though it does not automatically make the…